Are you ready to heal a lifetime of

trauma & create the life you truly desire

in weeks instead of years?


Here's How:

One on One Sessions

Try Me Session 

(first time clients only) 

A complete chakra energy reading to show where your current energy flow is turned on/off or running too slow or fast + one hour of distance reiki to open and balance all energy flows, refill your body/mind with pure positive energy, and force out stuck negative energies so you feel, relaxed, energized & refreshed.

(Value $114)



Unfuck Your Vibe in 90 days 

A complete 3 month, one on one package to remove your blocks, retrain your energy flows, and help you craft and create a life you love! 


  • 24 distance reiki sessions (2x per week, one hour each)

  • 4 block removal sessions, to identify blocks/beliefs/dna memory that is holding you back (one per month, first week each month, one hour each)

  • 9 LoA coaching sessions focused specifically on where you want to go (one per week, other 3 weeks each month, one hour each)

  • Weekly chakra readings to monitor your energy progress

(Total Value $3,555.00)



Payment Plans Available

Program Opens 3/3/21

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