Are you ready to heal a lifetime of

trauma & create the life you truly desire

in weeks instead of years?


Here's How:

One on One Sessions

Try Me Session 

(first time clients only) 

A complete chakra energy reading to show where your current energy flow is turned on/off or running too slow or fast + one hour of distance reiki to open and balance all energy flows, refill your body/mind with pure positive energy, and force out stuck negative energies so you feel, relaxed, energized & refreshed.

(Value $114)



Group Sessions

A one-hour distance Reiki Session EVERY WEEK 

($77 value per session, only $111/month )

You can choose your weekly time


Currently available on Saturday Evenings at :

,9:00 pm EST, Midnight EST or 1:30 am EST

That's over $300 in reiki alone, 


Check out these Incredible Membership Benefits

Unlock VIP Only access to tarot readings, friends, family, and pet sessions, 1:1 coaching and 1:1 block removals at half off for you or anyone you know!


 A FREE copy of "Money DOES Grow on Trees" money manifesting ebook

($45 Value)

plus  FIRST and FREE access to all future ebooks, pdf, and audio.

Free abundance audio - A 7 hour, nighttime meditation to help you reprogram your mind to a  state of abundance! ($27 value)

Free Into the shadows training - to teach you how locate and remove your own blocks using a pendulum.

($47 value)

Free Birthday Sessions!  If you are an active group member on your birthday you get a free additional reiki session, coaching session, block removal, or tarot reading as a gift!


Lifetime pricing!  Prices WILL go up, but once you're in, you are locked in at your special starting rate! 

(with maintained monthly membership)

Up to 90 days of "shit happens" pause time to keep your lifetime pricing, cuz shit DOES happen.

Unlimited Chakra readings!  Just ask and you have your energy checked whenever you'd like ($34 value each)



And To Top It All Off……


There are No Contracts

Cancel Anytime

(No Obligation, No Questions Asked) 

That's a total value of over $600 starting at only $111 per month! 

 There's pay in full discounts available or manual invoicing if you don't want the monthly autopay

(3-month minimum, contact me for details)

Plus you have the option to do:

Reiki VIP group with all of the above only ($111/month)

Premium Reiki VIP including weekly live block removals &

a full library of block removal replays ($222/month)

Group Subscription Options

  • Reiki VIP

    Every month
    Healing Your Past & Manifesting your Future
    • One Distance Reiki Session Every Week in the Group
    • Choose Your Time on Saturday Nights/Sunday Mornings
    • Currently Available at 9pm, 10:30pm midnight, or 1:30a EST
    • Unlocks VIP only extras at 50% off
    • 24 hour access to me for anything that comes up
    • Every Item I have ever made (or will make) FIRST & FREE
    • FIRST & FREE includes ebooks, mediations, courses etc.
    • Lifetime Pricing! Price never increases with active subs
    • Inactivity price hold/up to 90 days for "shit happens"
  • Premium VIP

    Every month
    Healing Your Past, Manifesting Your Future, Removing Blocks
    • Everything in Reiki VIP Group PLUS
    • A group block removal EVERY WEEK ($333 value EACH)
    • If you attend the block removal LIVE you get extra reiki
    • ALL Block clearing replays to watch/use before reiki
  • Annual Reiki VIP

    Three Months Free! 25% off!
    Valid for one year
    • Weekly reiki for the whole year
    • Unlocks VIP extras
    • Bonus items first & free
    • DOES NOT hold your price for life...
  • Annual Premium VIP

    THREE Months Free! 25 % Off!
    Valid for one year
    • Same as Monthly Premium VIP
    • DOES NOT include price for life

These are monthly subscriptions that will auto renew each month on the same DATE you chose to begin. Subscriptions starting on the 7th will fall on the 7th EVERY month (until canceled) If a payment is missed or declined for any reason it will cancel your subscription, losing your lifetime pricing. You can use the Paypal subscriptions below for a little more flexibilty, such as auto retries after 5 days, payday only options (28 day payments) or 3 or 6 month pay in full options. Please contact us if you would prefer a monthly manual pay invoice instead of autopay.

Prefer PayPal?

Reiki VIP Options

Weekly Reiki + all bonuses listed above
Pay in full options DO NOT include lifetime pricing

Reiki VIP Premium Options

Weekly Reiki + Weekly block Removals + all bonuses listed above
Pay in full options DO NOT include lifetime pricing

Contact us if you prefer manual invoicing>>> Email me HERE

Can't Afford Reiki?