Music Therapy Coming Soon

It's been a long time coming! Music Therapy Blog occurred on our site for about 12 weeks in 2018. It's COMING BACK!!! And better than ever!!! Written versions will be available here on our site, which you can subscribe to to get notifications. The written blog will contain an embed of the whole song that's being reviewed, as well as full lyrics, and all my thoughts about it, including why I relate with it, whether it's a "Feel" "Heal" or "Vibe Lift" which is a fancy way of saying it either resonates with the "you are not alone in your feelings" the "getting over the hump of an event" or the "high vibe, upbeat, sing along and feel a bit better" feelings. All of these play a part in your vibration, which is key to what you are manifesting in your life. Why Music Therapy? Because music saved my life. When I felt like complete shit for 15 years, there was always a song to help me get through whatever I was going through. When I was little I wanted to be a singer. When asked WHYI wanted that, it was to help people. Because music helped me, and that's the way I thought was the way to help people. Through songs. Get famous, help all the people with my music. Turned out fame had nothing to do with it. And as I watched several musicians whose music changed my life, take their own lives, I realized just how much that music meant. That the stories they were telling were very real. SO real, that they couldn't live with the pain those things had caused them. While my "Someday" goal is to help those musicians, using the healing techniques I have learned over the last 28 years, so they don't end up choosing death over life, I realize that I can help everyone a little bit, using their songs, to maybe keep someone like you from making that choice. I've lost several friends to suicide as well, and just maybe, if this existed for them, therapy without talking about it, something they could do in private, maybe they would still be here. I personally spent 15 years wanting to die. Music & Reiki saved my life, and continuing modalities changed it for the MUCH BETTER, helping me get a handle on the LoA thing. This venture is successful if just one person decides to stay for one more day, and I hope it helps them for a week, then the next, so eventually they aren't wanting to choose death. And over time can begin to find their reasons for living, and create a life they actually love. My services have done that for hundreds of people. Maybe this will help thousands, or millions.

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Love, Light, Shadow Work, Emotional Healing, and Calling you out on your BS like a real friend would,

~ Ashley