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 a lifetime of therapy 

 meditating 24/7

 paying an arm, a leg, or your firstborn

Starting with just ONE hour, Reiki & Limitation Obliteration™ Block Removals can begin to change your life.


WTF is Reiki?

    Reiki is a Japanese energy healing process that can open and balance the chakras, as well as speed healing of physical and emotional traumas. It also increases your vibration and higher self/source/universe connection, similar to how meditation does, so you can manifest your future more easily.

     It’s a push method of pure positive energy to flush out the negativity in the body, sort of like unclogging a pipe. I do it at a distance, using a photo to focus the energy.

WTF is Limitation Obliteration?

    We store SO MUCH in our minds and bodies.  Only about 1% of manifestation occurs in the conscious mind. This means you can affirm till the cows come home, but it's not likely to counteract the other 99%  I use intuition and a powerful clearing technique to remove all the things that are secretly fucking you, in your sub and unconscious mind, in your genetic memory, and even carry over from your past lives.  I follow it with reiki to fill in the empty spaces, so you don't feel "empty" and pull those patterns, beliefs, etc back in.


Healing Your Past

Using Reiki Energy Healing

Try Me Session

(first time clients only) 

Chakra reading + 1 hour of distance reiki

(value $114)



Reiki Group Subscription

(distance reiki sessions in a group of 8 or less)

 1 session each week starting at


Manifesting Your Future

Using Limitation Obliteration & Law of Attraction Coaching

One on One Manifesting Coaching

A single 1 on 1 phone or zoom session to walk you through energetic and vibrational steps to get you from where you are, to where you are trying to go.

Your choice of 30, 60, or 90 minutes.



One on One Limitation Obliteration + Reiki

A 2.5 hour intuitive block removal session.  90 minutes of phone or zoom block removal, followed by one hour of distance reiki to fill in the energetic gaps.


Limitation Obliteration Group Subscription

A weekly live interactive session to remove beliefs, habits, traumas, and emotions so you can realize, produce, and actualize your true desires.  Includes up to two weekly reiki distance group sessions and all replays from the beginning of time! Also includes 24/hr access to me for the in-between times, and LoA coaching so you don't make the same mistakes I did for 15 years. Also includes EXTREME discounts for additional 1 on 1 sessions, readings, and more! 

This group is application only and has a

maximum of FIFTEEN people at any time







       When 15+ years of misery, anxiety and depression became a cancer diagnosis, Ashley dove deep into Reiki and the Law of Attraction to undo what she had created in her physical reality. As she began to unravel the emotions and traumas that had stuck with her not only emotionally, but physically, she began to create a life she actually wanted using LoA. 


        Within 3 months her cancer was gone. Within 6 months she had met the love of her life, found an amazing job and was well on her way to loving her best life. She wanted to continue using Reiki and LoA to create a better life for herself, but she knew in her soul how much it could help others.  So in 2012, Scorpion Moon Holistic was born, so she could show as many people as possible the gifts of Reiki Healing and using LoA to create their best lives.


As her own path continued to grow and evolve to be more of what she wanted in her life, Scorpion Moon also evolved and changed, becoming Vibe Creations Reiki Healing in late 2020.

Are you ready to heal all the shit that is holding you back from having everything you’ve ever wanted?


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Real humans who have worked with me:
(Seriously, really real humans, not actors or fake images...  And they really have worked with me...  No celebrities or BS quotes here... click a picture and see their real FB pages)

melissa hipple.jpg

Melissa H.

Ashley is a strong intuitive and, bit by bit, my life started making more sense. Seizures slowed and then disappeared, I started working out issues that I had been dealing with (and repeating) for years. I'm finally out of the negative loop and working on thriving instead of just surviving. My panic attacks are gone and so are my seizures.


Crystal S.

You reiki sessions have been a godsend!!! When I was first diagnosed with cancer I was so scared and my energy was so unfocused that I knew healing was going to be tough. As soon as I set up sessions with you I felt a sense of relief!! After the first session I felt so grounded and able to focus on the work I had ahead of me. The weekly sessions kept me strong and I know for a fact that is what help me heal so quickly after my surgery!! Without you and the work you do I believe I would still be fighting but now I'm recovered and cancer free!!!! Thank you for being an amazing healer!!!!!


Rachael S.

Entrepreneurship at its core is a journey of personal development, and you're clearing the rocks and old garbage from my path. With each Reiki session, if feel lighter, freer, and more capable. The results are showing up in my business. I feel better is an understatement. I'm not sure how I ever lived without your healing sessions. Thank you Ashley.


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